I can typing.

I've never been a fan of blogging. Actually, I hate that word. Almost as much as I hate the word enterpreneur. I've never been a fan of publishing one's thoughts on the internet. Probably because each time I tried, I sucked really bad at it. I recently read a quote somewhere, which says something like:

If you look back at yourself 6 months ago without cringing, you've not learnt anything.

The original quote was obviously much better thought out and striking, but that's the jist of it. So, this is going to be a measuring method of sorts. Whatever I garble here, be it random thoughts, or code snippets - if I look back at them in a few months' time and I don't feel like an idiot, I need to seriously do something about the obvious comfort zone I'm occupying. Hopefully nobody else reads the old posts.

The posts will obviously all be so deep and thoughtful as to shame Plato in his grave. Or perhaps not.